Thursday, February 12, 2009


If you've found my blog you've been invited by me or someone else (hooray!) and you clearly have some interest in food and cooking. Or you're just checking out what I'm up to and aren't you adorable for that. No matter what, welcome!

I suppose a little background on me would be appropriate. I am a 24-year-old woman who plans fundraising events for a theatre in Philadelphia. I've just recently gotten married and I live with my wonderful husband, Joe, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Joe, incidentally, is an English Teacher on the Jersey Shore and also has an intelligent and humorous blog called The Correct Opinion which you can and should visit at

I've always been interested in cooking and food but it wasn't until I lived in an apartment and off my meal plan in college that I became completely and totally OBSESSED with cooking and food. No joke. Turn on any television in my home and you'll find the Food Network, not to mention 50% of our DVR programs consists of Food shows. I read cook books and food magazines in my spare time and practice cooking with my older brother as often as possible, which, unfortunately, isn't that often. I think about food and cooking all the time - seriously. If I am going out to dinner, I am contemplating the menu up to a week before. Most of my friends fear going out with me because I'm such a food snob, even though I don't think I'm so mean about it, thank you very much. No matter - so much the better for you, dear reader.

Because as much smack as I talk about cooking, I'm not really that great at it. Nor am I very experienced. But my passion to feed my face with delectable food, and the satisfaction I get from making it myself, is what makes me think I can do good for others in this space.

You see, when I first became obsessed with cooking and cook books, I searched far and wide for a comprehensive book that said "So, you want to learn how to cook for yourself your first time out on your own? This book is for you!" But no such book exists. Now, isn't that a damn crime? We need help, people! So it's been my goal to create such a resource, fueled by my own experiences in the kitchen and my own research, to help my friends and others out there to enjoy great food at home. Joe and I have been so pleased with our dinners so far and I know everyone likes to eat good food and I know YOU DO because you're reading this right now! And believe me, the pride you have when you cook a good meal - well, it's addictive, frankly.

But I will need your help. My experience will be specific to me and my kitchen and I couldn't possibly create a good resource without tackling problems specific to other people's experience. So please, post a comment, or write me an email (, and tell me what drives you crazy about cooking and what you'd like to do better or know how to do at all, and let me see if I can help! Like I said, I love to do this stuff, so I might as well put it to good use.

Thank you again for visiting and come back again soon!


  1. Hey Bonnie! Thanks for sending me the note, I'll look forward to reading your blog. I, too, find myself with a new-found love of cooking, even though I'm not the best at it either. I guess living on your own and having to provide for yourself does that to you. Anyway... I have some issues that I can share:

    1) As i'm always exhausted/hungry when I get home, What are some quick and easy yet healthy meals I can prepare?
    2) I find I have trouble with variety in my diet. Lots of easy foods are all the same - pastas, frozen dinners, chees and carb-loaded foods (quesadillas, grilled cheese, etc.). So how do I make sure I'm getting variety?

    Hope this helps and hope all is well. Congrats on your wedding!

  2. I don't like having to clean up a lot of different pots and dishes just to eat one little old meal. The process of dirtying all your cooking-ware then having to immediately clean it all before you can cook again is an incredibly frustrating and daunting task. What are some easy meals I can make using only one pot?

  3. Hey Bonnie! I just wanted to let you know that I am really excited about this. I love food! And I love cooking it even more. So, I wanted to make a big dinner for my whole family this upcoming weekend and I just haven't had a lot of time to search for anything. Do you know any quick, healthy choices off-hand that you could suggest? I plan on doing dessert, as well. So if you think of anything, let me know.